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Why You Need to Fast Regularly

Why You Need to Fast Regularly

Practiced by people around the world for thousands of years, fasting is an ancient spiritual discipline. In the Bible, both Jews and Christians fasted regularly to deepening their faith and to draw closer to God.  Over the centuries it has fallen out of regular use...

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When the Storms of Life are Raging

When the Storms of Life are Raging

These were the storms of life I never saw coming. Like the back to back Category 5 hurricanes that repeatedly threaten life and limb in my hometown of Houston, these catastrophic events left me dangling by the thinnest of emotional threads. “Worst case, we’ll just see...

The Ultimate Burrito Bowl Recipe

The Ultimate Burrito Bowl A labor-intensive, but oh-so-worth-it ode to my beloved Überrito back in Houston, Texas Servings 4Calories: VariesGood For: Lunch + DinnerIntroduction About this Recipe By: Dalila Jones Stitz My family and I moved to Switzerland in April of...

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The Damaging Effects of Unforgiveness on Your Health

The Damaging Effects of Unforgiveness on Your Health

Choosing to forgive is a hallmark of the Christian faith. Previously, I discussed the importance of forgiveness in the lives of believers. Today, I’ll be diving into the consequences of refusing to forgive. Unforgiveness damages all aspects of you as a person: spirit,...

Forgive to be Forgiven

Forgive to be Forgiven

God’s word repeatedly instructs Christ-followers to forgive others. That alone is reason enough to make the discipline of forgiveness a priority in your life. But, were you aware that God expects you to forgive the same offenses over and over - without bounds? God...

How to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

How to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

Life is full of ups and downs. Both mountaintop and valley experiences. During the good times, you probably find it easy to be positive, to stay encouraged, and to have faith and hope in your future. But what about when you’re facing a low point in your life…and that...

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