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In “10 Ways Christians Wreck Their Health, and the Biblical Truths to Overcome Them”, you’ll uncover the health-wrecking habits and attitudes that prevent Christians from reaching their health promised land. Learn how to claim victory over them by applying biblical principles.

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Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

The events leading up to the days I walked through the valley of the shadow of death remain hazy, but there are remnants that have remained in my mind. Martin did make it back in time from his business trip to Italy to be with me in the operating room.  I remember the...

If It Had Not Been for the Lord on My Side

"If it had not been for the Lord on my side, tell me where would I be?" It was March 15th. A day like any other day. Well, at the start of it at least. Still experiencing the emotional high of my parents being safe and well after weeks of sustained health trials, I...

When the Storms of Life are Raging

These were the storms of life I never saw coming. Like the back to back Category 5 hurricanes that repeatedly threaten life and limb in my hometown of Houston, these catastrophic events left me dangling by the thinnest of emotional threads. “Worst case, we’ll just see...

The Ultimate Burrito Bowl Recipe

The Ultimate Burrito Bowl A labor-intensive, but oh-so-worth-it ode to my beloved Überrito back in Houston, Texas Servings 4Calories: VariesGood For: Lunch + DinnerIntroduction About this Recipe By: Dalila Jones Stitz My family and I moved to Switzerland in April of...

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