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What Does “Organic” Really Mean?

When you hear the term “organic”, what comes to mind? For many Christians, the organic label is the gold standard when it comes to measuring the quality of our food and personal care products. However, you might be unaware that the term organic can be used in many...

Why You Need to Fast Regularly

Practiced by people around the world for thousands of years, fasting is an ancient spiritual discipline. In the Bible, both Jews and Christians fasted regularly to deepening their faith and to draw closer to God.  Over the centuries it has fallen out of regular use...

7 Tips for Creating a Biblically Based Self-Care Routine

Have you ever thought of self-care as a spiritual obligation? The Word of God tells us that our bodies are the temple of God and that when we are believers the Holy Spirit literally indwells us. In 1 Corinthians 3:17 the apostle Paul wrote that God thinks of our...

3 Limiting Beliefs that Can Derail Your Health Progress (and the Biblical Truths to Combat Them)

Belief Drives Behavior. What you believe is perhaps the single most important factor in your ability to achieve your health goals. More often than not, your beliefs precede your behavior. That is especially true when it comes to your health choices. Limiting beliefs...

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