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What You’ll Learn


How the profit-driven food industry has created a culture of deception and confusion:

Discover how applying simple biblical health principles can set you apart from the chronic disease norm, and save you from unnecessary suffering and sickness for years to come.

Why food manufacturers hide this one health wrecking ingredient, how to identify it, and ways to get it out of your diet:

When my client Ray, a 50-year-old college professor, removed THIS SINGLE INGREDIENT from his diet, he was able to bring his blood pressure to normal within seven days. He no longer needs medication after suffering with high blood pressure for 20 years.



How to avoid foods that are wreaking havoc on your body and causing unwanted symptoms:

Discover how this one ingredient in particular is highly associated with digestive distress and autoimmune conditions. Learn what you can do without expensive tests or doctor’s visits to see if it’s impacting your health.



The unsuspecting place one of the most destructive toxins is lurking in your kitchen:

Leverage these non-toxic kitchen recommendations and resources to lower the increased risk of cancer, diabetes, reproductive toxicity, and thyroid disorders caused by this harmful chemical.

Ways to eat clean so you can feel incredible and enjoy God-made food that is not only good for you but also tastes delicious!

Inside the guide, Dalila shares easy-to-implement eating strategies to ensure you’re getting a variety of high-quality, nutrient-dense foods in your diet.



How to get the most value for your grocery dollar, while upgrading your food quality:

These 5 money-saving strategies will help you get the highest quality foods while still minimizing toxin exposure.



How to decode food labels:

Understand what the labels on your food packages really mean so that you can confidently sidestep deceptive marketing practices and claims.



How to make clean eating snacks:

Get your clean eating journey jump-started with these delicious snack recipes included in your guide.


...and more!

By the time you’ve read through this guide, you’ll have gained profound new insights on the pitfalls of consuming modern food, how that’s impacting your body, and why eating in accordance with God’s design is essential for experiencing abundant health.

You will finally be able to see through the deceptive and health-destroying schemes of the food industry. Most importantly, you will possess the tools, strategies, and knowledge to begin eating in alignment with God’s design so that you can lower inflammation,  reach an optimal weight, and experience abundant health on this side of heaven.

About the Author

Meet Dalila Jones Stitz

Dalila is a former business consultant, health coach, Bible educator, and the creator of several highly effective and transformative Bible-based coaching programs and courses. Her transition to becoming a Bible-based health advocate resulted from years of searching for answers to her many and varied health problems and finding no acceptable answers in mainstream medicine.

Plagued by acne and digestive troubles as a teen, and then later pre-diabetes, hormonal imbalances, excess weight, and cardiovascular troubles as an adult, a fortuitous trip to the bookstore opened up the world of functional medicine to her. After years of working closely with some of the most innovative practitioners to overcome numerous health challenges, she had a revelation. These breakthrough scientific keys to her recovery aligned perfectly with the ancient health principles laid out in God’s word. 

Since then it has been her life’s calling to help Christians reclaim their health and energy so that they can ultimately fulfill their calling in Christ. Dalila believes that it is time for the people of God to claim the abundant health that is part of their divine inheritance. The consequences of failing to live in accordance with Biblical principles are enormous. Many believers are missing the mark in this area of their lives, and suffering terribly as a result.

Her years of research, training, and personal experimentation have led her to invest her time, talent, passion, and resources in serving her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ through personal coaching, memberships and courses, and a host of other tools and resources. The health of the Christian community is far too important to ignore. 

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