Learn 9 proven bible-based principles to transform your spiritual, emotional, and physical health so that you can live the abundant life that Jesus promised.

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The Clean Living Jumpstart Kit

Your biblical roadmap to experiencing health and wellness in every aspect of your life.
Clean Living Jumpstart Kit for Biblical Health


I’ll show you the biblical principles you need to know to experience abundant health and wellness including…

Why aligning your beliefs about health to the truth found in God’s Word is essential

The links between sin and disease and obedience and health

The importance of treating your body as a temple

The role faith plays in healing

How to reduce the causes of disease that are within your control

Understanding how to conduct a comprehensive whole-person wellness check

Why accepting personal responsibility for your health outcomes is necessary

How to design a plan of action from vision to implementation

The role a supportive team plays in experiencing success

The importance of preparing ahead to avoid temptation

Which spiritual disciplines can supercharge your spiritual and physical health

How to avoid common pitfalls that can derail your quest for health

The Clean Living Jumpstart Kit is a love letter to my soul. It reminds me, to live for Christ is gain. It is an uncomplicated plan for raising my wellness standards and becoming the whole and complete (James 1:4) person the word of God says I am destined to become.
Erika Walker

Learning Developer


 What’s Included in this 30-page Jumpstart Kit:


Health and Lifestyle Assessments:

Knowing the truth sets you free. Before you get to your abundant health destination, you’ve got to get honest about where you’re starting from. How are you really doing - physically, emotionally, and spiritually? What’s going on in your head? What type of health outcomes are you getting with your day-to-day choices? Are you really walking in God’s freedom or are you settling for captivity?

Reflecting deeply on the quality of your life and health as it stands right now is one of the most important stops on your abundant health journey. Once you have clarity on your starting point, you can map out exactly how to get to your health-promised land.


Practical Tips:

Knowing what God expects of you to experience abundant health is only part of the solution. You’ve got to understand how to take that knowledge and apply it to your daily life. Inside this kit, you’ll get actionable advice on how to make and sustain life-long changes that you can start to implement right away.

From building optimal habits to shifting your mindset, you’ll get clear guidance on how to implement these transformative health principles into your life. I’ll also teach you how to sidestep potential roadblocks so nothing pulls you off the path to your health promised land.

5 Weeks of Support Emails:

How’d you like to have me as your coach to offer you additional insights and encouragement? What would it feel like to have your own personal cheerleader to spur you on to ensure you actually achieve your health goals? Well, say no more. That’s exactly what you'll get with this series of content-rich emails included in your purchase.

Delivered straight to your inbox over the course of a month, these virtual coaching emails will help you dig deeper into the health-building biblical concepts, offer accountability and checkpoints to keep you on track, and give you that extra nudge to make abundant health a reality in your life.

Expert Resources:

Do you sometimes struggle with believing God’s way is the best way? Ideally, as God’s children we should just take him at his Word and walk in obedience simply because that’s what He instructed us to do. But often, having an explanation for why certain biblical principles lead to superior health can help build up our faith. 

That’s exactly why I’ve included book recommendations as well as links to articles and scientific studies that provide additional insights as to why God’s prescription for health is always the best plan to follow. With a stronger foundation of faith, you’re much more likely to follow through on taking action and putting these biblically-based health principles into practice!

Reflective questions:

Reflective questions to help you gain insight into your mindset, beliefs, attitudes, habits, skills, and environment so you can get to the root causes of what’s preventing you from walking in divine health.


Cheat Sheet:

Grab a one page summary of all nine principles for handy reference or on the go access.


Worksheets and Assignments:

Gain clarity on your intentions and goals as well as how to hold yourself accountable to reach your final health destination.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Dalila Jones Stitz

Founder and CEO, Health Insurection

A little about me…

If we’re meeting for the first time, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Dalila Jones Stitz. I’m a certified health and coach and bible educator, and my life’s mission is to help Christians achieve health and wellness through the application of biblical and natural health principles.

Some of the health storms we face in life COULD be avoided. Some of the health challenges we’re dealing with are the direct result of decisions WE have made. That’s my story. I’m way more Jonah than Daniel.

But I just can’t blame ignorance. You see God revealed to me what I needed to do WAY before I started walking in obedience. But, I ran from it. Because I thought it was too hard, too inconvenient.

Not only was I eating poorly but high levels of stress was a way of life. I clung to unforgiveness and anger. I avoided dealing with trauma that I had suffered in the past. I was literally following a recipe for disaster and that is exactly what I ended up getting.

But God…

By God’s direction, He put me in the path of some very unconventional doctors who helped me to start healing. But rather than prescribing medication or pills, they asked about how I ate, and how I felt, and how I lived.

That experience laid the foundation for how I started to shift my thinking about health.

My personal experience in reversing my own symptoms planted a seed that soon God would water and grow with the experiences of many other believers.

I started finding testimony after testimony of Christians who had healed from incurable diseases, and they did so following the Word of God.

Before I knew it, it was as if scales had fallen from my eyes and I started to see and understand heath in an entirely different way. This knowledge helped me to personally heal my own heart, lower blood pressure, and inflammation with no medication, avoid surgeries and invasive procedures, and drastically improve my own quality of life.

I’ve taken the things that I’ve learned along the way, distilled them down to the key 9 principles that had the most impact on my health, and captured them in “The Clean Living Jumpstart Kit”.

Now, I’m sharing my hard-won learnings with you, and at a fraction of the time and cost that it took me to learn them.

The Clean Living Jumpstart kit is amazing! I loved reading it. I’ve been studying natural health principles for about seven years now.

The content in this kit not only aligns with health practitioners I follow personally but is proved out by my own personal experience.

The way this kit knits together both the spiritual and physical aspects of health and healing from a biblical perspective is truly insightful.

Gerald Brownlee

Small Business Owner

How much more effective for God’s kingdom could you be if:

You started treating taking care of your temple like an act of worship?

You could leverage proven strategies for optimizing your health, and had a step-by-step game plan to do it?

You no longer had to wade through the latest diet fads and trends to understand the most effective health principles already spelled out in God's Word?

You could experience more energy and vitality so that you could do what God has put you on this earth to do?

You had a roadmap for making health transformation a reality in your life?

 PLUS, receive these THREE bonuses:

40 Scriptures for Health and Healing Graphic 8.5 x 11

Bonus #1

40 Healing Scriptures to meditate on for Health and Healing

This collection of scriptures covers seeking God for wisdom and guidance, on trusting God, on exercising faith in the midst of fearful circumstances, and on healing promises.

Bonus #2

The Stress-Busting and Immune Boosting Rescue Kit

Lower your stress levels and support your immune system’s disease fighting power with this bonus kit. The Stress-Busting and Immune Boosting Rescue Kit includes 29 scriptures on turning to God in the midst of our trouble, an immunity-boosting checklist with CDC recommendations and practical advice for supporting your immune system, and 24 practical tips for reducing stress and anxiety in the midst of unsettling times.

Bonus #3

9 Things Every Christian Should Know For Healing and Health Masterclass

This mini-course will help you better understand the concepts covered in your jumpstart kit. Journey through the word of God with me to learn time-tested and proven strategies for experiencing abundant health on this side of heaven.




The Clean Living Jumpstart Kit challenged me to consider the link between my current health and past actions but at the same time offered a way forward.

The Kit’s call to activate my faith and discipline resonated deep within me at a time when I had become weary. I am pleased to say that I have answered that call.

I have taken up my cross in search of health and a whole new way to honor Christ and whilst I am at the beginning of my health journey, I know that I am already a new creation.

Tamara Feddoul

Tax Executive


The Clean Living Jumpstart Kit

Your biblical roadmap to experiencing health and wellness in every aspect of your life.
Clean Living Jumpstart Kit for Biblical Health

What's Included?

Health and Lifestyle Assessments

Reflective Questions

Expert Resources

Practical Tips

5 Weeks of Support Emails

Worksheets and Assignments

One-Page Cheat Sheet for Handy Reference

BONUS: 40 Scriptures for Health and Healing

BONUS: Stress Busting and Immune Busting Rescue Kit

BONUS: 9 Things Every Christian Should Know For Healing and Health Masterclass

Get a Sneak Peek Inside!

TODAY’S PRICE: $47 $27



What's Inside the Clean Living Jumpstart Kit?

Inside the kit, you’ll find a resource guide on implementing nine biblical and natural health principles to transform your health and wellness. It contains reflection questions and actions steps for each principle, recommended reading for taking your knowledge deeper, resources from leading health experts, assessments and quizzes to take your own wholeness checkup, vision and goal-setting worksheets, tips on building accountability, and more!

Is all the content, including both of the bonuses available right away?

Yes! As soon as you complete your purchase, you’ll get access to the jumpstart kit and three bonuses immediately.

This is a lot of quality content at a very low price. What's the catch?

There isn’t one. I created this for you, my fellow sibling in Christ, so that you could learn to quickly apply principles to thrive in your health. This represents hundreds of hours of work for me, but I don’t want cost to be the barrier that keeps this wisdom from getting into your hands. Today’s offer to get the kit and bonuses at $27 expires shortly, so act fast!

What if I just can't do this without additional support?

I specifically designed this kit to walk you step-by-step through a bible-based transformational process without the need for outside assistance. However, if you feel you need additional accountability to be successful, then I do offer various personal coaching packages. You can apply for that here.

I've tried to make healthy lifestyle changes before. Will this work for me?

The Bible says in Isaiah 55:11, “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it”.  This kit is rooted in principles and concepts contained in God’s Word. When we submit ourselves fully to being obedient to God’s Word and walk in faith, the Father will empower us through His Holy Spirit to accomplish everything that He has set out for us to do.  

If I decide the Clean Living Jumpstart Kit isn't right for me, can I get a refund?

Once you complete your transaction, all digital materials will be accessible and downloadable immediately. For this reason, there is a no-refund policy on this product. If you have additional questions about the jumpstart kit or bonuses please contact support@healthinsurrection.com before purchasing.

You Were Made for A Purpose

Don’t let poor health get in the way of you fulfilling the purpose for which you were created.

Get started on the road to abundant health and download your jumpstart kit today!

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