Introducing the “Founders” Membership:

What is the Founder’s Membership? This is an opportunity for you to be part of a small group of believers who will build this community together with me. We will co-design the Divine Design Wellness Tribe so that it offers high value content and programs to serve your biblically-based health and wellness goals. 

This is the beta test phase. In exchange for having a LIFETIME DISCOUNTED PRICE, your input, ideas, questions, and feedback will be the basis on which I craft an experience that works especially for YOU.

Our collaboration will ensure that I offer programs and services that are guaranteed to move you along the health transformation journey, because you personally will be shaping them to fit YOUR needs.

What’s included in your membership?

Live Group Biblical and Functional Health Education + Q&A Calls

Monthly online group training calls to  support your personal health journey. Plus, get access to replays if you miss one!

Healthy, Clean Recipes

Each month you’ll get access to 3 new recipes to support your abundant living journey through clean eating

Digital Library

Templates, resources, worksheets, checklists…as they are created along with a roadmap to help you successfully navigate the health transformation journey.

Early Access to eBooks, Courses, Workshops, Webinars, and Products

Access both free and paid new content before it’s released to the public! 

Member Discounts

Deep discounts and special offers on all of Health Insurection current and future products and services

Future Benefits

…and a lot more as our community grows!

Here’s the best part…

I have a passion for helping Christians learn to use the Word of God to experience abundant health. My calling is to educate, inspire, and empower you to take care of your temple in a wholistic and biblically-based way. Too many believers are suffering the consequences of not knowing how to truly take care of themselves body, soul, and spirit. I’m here to change that. There’s no time to lose.

What will it cost you if you continue to put off making your WHOLE health a top priority? The strongholds of sickness and disease kept me captive for far too long. God has brought me a long way from where I first began. I’ve been delivered from many health problems and in many different ways. Now I am going back to help other Christian captives make that same journey to health freedom.

It’s time for you to experience abundant health on this side of heaven.

Join today!

You’re just moments away from beginning the transformative process of a lifetime. Click the button below to begin your journey right now. 

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***This is Founder’s Member pricing that will be locked in for as long as you remain a member. The Founding Member’s monthly price of $9 will remain in place until we reach a core group of Christians to help shape future content and programs. Once that milestone is reached, Divine Design Wellness Tribe membership will only be available at the higher price of $29 / month.

You can cancel your membership at any time, and for any reason. 

What’s not included in the Divine Design Membership: 

  1. Individual, personalized coaching. Customized coaching recommendations are included in my health coaching programs
  2. Elimination diets and fasting. This is covered in my 4 week Fix Your Food program.  This membership will prepare you for that course, if and when you’re ready.

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