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The nation of Israel was constantly at battle with its enemies.

When the time presented itself, Samuel, the Lord’s prophet, delivered a directive to the country’s leader, King Saul. That directive came directly from God, and it was this: Saul was to lead Israel’s armies in defeating the Amalekites and destroying EVERYTHING that they had.

So Saul set out with his army to carry out the Lord’s command except he didn’t follow directions very closely. He did what he wanted to do. Rather than destroying everything as he had been told, he chose to spare the Amalekite king as well as the best of the livestock…and anything else he thought was valuable.

To make matters worse, he then built a monument after his victory. A monument to honor himself and not God.

When confronted with his misdeeds, King Saul sought to justify his actions by claiming that he intended to offer up the best of the plundered animals as a sacrifice. The problem is, that was not what God asked him to do. That was not what God wanted.

His disobedience led to the kingdom of Israel being torn from his hands.

When God sets clear parameters for what He wants us to do there is only one appropriate response. Do what He says. The way that He says to do it. Partial obedience is full disobedience…and full disobedience is no better than idolatry.

God desires a surrendered heart more than our outward religious expressions.

Are you doing the things that God has called you to do? Are you doing them the way He called you to do them?

If not, then your disobedience might cost you a lot more than you’re willing to pay.



1 Samuel 15



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