Healing doesn’t have to be hard.

God wants you well. He is not the author of confusion and wants you to know His will for every aspect of your life.

In contrast, there is so much confusing and conflicting information in the world around health topics. Many Christians can’t figure out what to put into their mouths, let alone how best to take care of themselves spiritually and emotionally. Just google “how to get healthy” and see how many results you get!

The Word of God is the only roadmap believers need to take care of their whole selves. When you look closely at God’s Word, you will find a treasure trove of guidance on how to care of your temple – from the inside out.

Once you understand and apply these biblical health principles, you will reap the benefits spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Now, that’s true holisitic health!

The Bible lays out health principles that build the foundation of healthy living for everyone. However, because you are a unique individual with your own walk with Christ, family history and upbringing, personal and health history, your path to health may not look exactly like your neighbor’s. 

You need wisdom and insight to understand the best path forward for you to truly thrive. 

That’s where Health Insurrection comes in.

Which Health Insurrection program is right for you?

God heals his children in many different ways. Find the path that best suits your needs.

1:1 Coaching

The vast majority of chronic illnesses are the direct result of diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors. If you choose to live like the world, you will experience the outcomes that the rest of the world experiences. But, when you purpose in your heart to live according to God’s word, you will experience the abundant life that Christ promised you.

Health transformation success comes down to having these five key things: the right biblically-based guidance tailored specifically to your individual needs, determination, accountability, consistent support, and a little inspiration thrown in for good measure.

In my Biblical Breakthroughs™ Signature Coaching program, we will collaborate to design your personalized roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be. Together we’ll co-create your goals with reasonable time frames and actionable objectives so you know exactly how to experience lifelong success. After each session, you’ll receive personalized biblically-based wellness strategies matched to your goals, budget, and lifestyle. You will have the tools, resources, and support you need to make abundant health a reality in your life.

To get an insider’s view of what it’s like to work with me as your holistic health coach, your first step is to schedule a 50-minute Biblical Blueprint™ strategy session. During this strategy session, we will explore how your current beliefs, relationships, diet, lifestyle, emotional and stress management practices, and environment work together to affect your health. 

This offer is only available for first time sign-ups.

Divine Design Wellness Tribe


The Divine Design Wellness Tribe Membership is a comprehensive wellness solution for experiencing abundant health – spirit, soul, and body. Inside the membership, you’ll learn how to incorporate spiritual disciplines as well as cutting edge wellness strategies for health in your daily life.

You’ll receive guidance, support, and encouragement to get both quick and sustainable health wins. Each month, you’ll get live group training calls on topics most relevant to where you are on your health journey, recipes, and access to a digital library of ebooks, resources, checklists, and guides as they are created.

Divine Design members receive early-bird access to courses and workshops before they are available to the general public as well as discounts on all Health Insurrection products and services.

Fix Your Food Course

Fix Your Food, a 28-day online course, will teach you how to support yourself through fasting and whole food nutrition as well as how to gently detoxify your body to remove years of built up toxins. 

Broken into 4 phases, you’ll learn about fasting from both scientific and biblical perspectives, and understand the role toxins play in promoting inflammation and illness. With my fully customizable approach, you’ll choose the plan that best meets your individual goals and needs. Fix Your Food includes 60-day online access to shopping lists, meal plans, seasonal recipes, daily devotionals, workbooks, resource guides, checklists, and a private Facebook group.

Regardless of your current diet and lifestyle, you will learn how to systematically identify which foods support your body, and which foods harm it. Inside the course, you’ll learn many different ways to support your body’s healing and detoxification processes. Armed with functional approaches and the biblical principle of fasting, you’ll be able to confidently decipher which foods work best for you going forward.

Clean Living Jumpstart Kit


Take hold of the abundant life that Jesus promised. In this self-study kit, you’ll learn 9 powerful biblical strategies for transforming your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. The Clean Living Jumpstart Kit includes health and lifestyle assessments, worksheets and assignments, reflective questions, and practical tips.

For a limited time, also get access to a bonus masterclass, healing scriptures ebook, and resources on stress management.

Smoothie Workshop

Learn how smoothies using God-made ingredients can improve your overall health and wellness. Understand the benefits of creating a daily smoothie habit, how smoothies support gut health, and the proven 5-step process for creating delicious, nutrient-dense smoothies every time you whip out your blender. 14 days of smoothie recipes included.

Slaying Sugar™10-Day Sugar Detox


Learn how to curb cravings and re-balance sugar levels in this 10-day guided detox. The Slaying Sugar™ program has all the tools and resources needed to reduce processed sugar in your diet, including resource guides, a suggested meal plan, recipes, and more! For a limited time, your purchase includes a 30-min coaching session. 

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