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Grab Your Copy of the Ultimate Roadmap to Bible Based Healthy Living

Learn 9 proven bible-based principles to transform your health so that you can live the abundant life that Jesus promised.

This Is Your

to Health and Wellness


What’s Included in this 29-page Jumpstart Kit:

Biblically-based insights:

Learn about the connection between faith and healing, the importance of treating your body as a temple, the root causes of dis-ease, and why taking personal responsibility for your own outcomes is an essential step for transforming your health.


Practical Tips:

Get actionable advice on how to make and sustain life-long changes that you can start to implement today. From lining up the right support to practicing spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, and fasting, you’ll get clear guidance on how to implement all nine principles. You’ll also learn about potential roadblocks to your success and how to maneuver around them with ease.


Assessments and Questionnaires:

Assess your starting health point by reflecting on your diet and lifestyle habits as well as your current health stats and symptoms. Learn the importance of checking in with yourself and others regularly on your progress.


Worksheets and Assignments:

Gain clarity on your intentions and goals as well as how to hold yourself accountable to reach your final health destination.

Expert Resources:

Dig deeper with recommendations on books, articles, and scientific studies on health and wellness.


Cheat Sheet:

Grab a one page summary of all nine principles for handy reference or on the go access.

Don’t let poor health get in the way of you fulfilling the purpose for which you were created.

Get started on the road to abundant health and download your jumpstart kit today!

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