For nearly my entire life I have been plagued with catastrophic illnesses. Starting as early as age 11, when my appendix ruptured, I have gone from one devastating diagnosis to the next – toxemia, repeated bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia, lupus, immune deficiencies, anaphylactic allergies, lung disease, heart disease and diabetes among several other devastating conditions. Sickness was a way of life for me. When my husband Mike was diagnosed recently with Stage 4 cancer and given no hope for recovery, I thought we’d reached the end of our rope.

We literally had nothing else to lose, so when Dalila began to work with us on changing our diets, we were ready to try anything. Not only did we change the way we eat, we also overhauled our living environment to eliminate toxins in our home. Dalila has been a wealth of knowledge and support, and she has also connected us with medical practitioners who’ve further supported our health journey.

In just three months, we experienced miraculous results!  My blood sugar and blood pressure have both stabilized. My white blood cell count is normal for the first time in years. Based on my doctor’s recommendations, I’ve gone from taking twenty different medications to only needing two, and I’m working on even eliminating those! Even Mike’s doctor took him off all his medications since his blood pressure normalized for the first time in 30 years as well. He doesn’t even need allergy medication any longer! We’ve both lost weight, and have more energy and mental clarity than we’ve had in a long time. We are committed to this journey and letting it take us wherever it leads. But, based on what we’ve experienced so far, we have no doubt that taking control of our diets and enviornment is the answer to fully recovering our health. Dalila has been a God-send! Working with her has been a delight and she’s become part of our family.

Shirley and Mike Allen


So much has changed for the better since I began working with Health Insurrection.  I’ve switched out toxic air fresheners, cleaning products, and over-the-counter pain medications, for natural, non-toxic versions – all of which work as well or better than what I was using previously.  Instead of just buying an item off the shelf, I now look at the labels to read it’s ingredients. If it doesn’t meet my new health standards, it stays at the store!  I choose organic options whenever possible and have switched to a diet rich in whole, minimally processed foods.  The best part – in the process of detoxing my life, I also noticed a reduced need for medication.  If you care about minimizing toxins in your life, pick up the phone and call Health Insurrection.  Dalila will guide you every step of the way…and the results will speak for themselves!

Darilyn Jones

Independent Consultant

I’ve led a healthy diet and lifestyle for quite some time.  I’d even go so far as to say I’m in the best shape of my life. The only problem I hadn’t been able to overcome was high blood pressure, which I’ve managed with medication for 20 years.  I didn’t expect to gain much new insight during the discovery session, so I was quite surprised by the results I got from applying Dalila’s suggestions. One simple dietary change enabled me to get off my blood pressure medication – after 20 years! I can’t believe it was that easy! Now, I’m experimenting with other toxin-free approaches to take my health to even higher levels.

Ray Whitlow, Jr.

Instructor of Speech, Lee College

I’ve been managing a chronic health condition for over 30 years, and have really struggled to lose weight following the standard recommendations.  I was about ready to throw in the towel, and tired of not seeing results.  When Dalila explained to me that I might benefit from swapping out some of my dietary staples, I was skeptical but ready to try anything.  She worked with me and my nutritionist to further modify my diet.  The results have been simply amazing!  By replacing several toxic foods with better choices,  I’ve lost thirty pounds so far.  Even more incredibly, I’m using a lot less medication, have more energy, fewer aches & pains, have better glucose control,  and improved organ function.  My doctor and nutritionist are both thrilled with the results – and so am I.  This program works!

Thomas Jones

Pastor, Pathway Christian Fellowship Baptist Church

When I started with Health Insurrection’s coaching program, my main goal was to learn more about eating healthy foods. I learned that and more! Not only do I now have a good grasp on how food and nutrition affect my health, but I’ve put what I’ve learned into practice. There’s a huge difference between what I used to eat and what I prepare now! I’ve also learned how to develop goals to set myself up for long-term progress.  Dalila is passionate about supporting others on their journey to better health. Every conversation we had was upbeat and positive. I felt supported in my shortcomings, but also challenged to raise the bar on my own expectations for myself.  If you’re on a path for change, then I would highly recommend working with Dalila as your coach. Her knowledge surpassed my expectations!

Claudia Taylor

Teacher, Foundry Faith Academy

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